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Kun Anta (Humood AlKhuder Cover)

Artwork by the one and only mr @Satriohrtn

Kun Anta - Humood Alkhuder - cover

I do love this sing since the first time i heard it. In Malaysia this song is very famous.. i don't think so in my home town. However, Kun anta :) #pardon my Arabic!

Kun Anta - Humood Alkhuder - Amruu ft. Akhtar (Cover)

This is a cover of Kun Anta by us. Vocalists: - Amruu - Akhtar Guitar: - Akhtar

Kun Anta - Humood Alkhuder (Cover)

Selamat mendengarkan semua :)

Kun Anta - Humood AlKhuder (Cover)

first and foremost, i truly apologise for any mispronounced words or lyrics in the song as it is not my first language. secondly, i'm back after so long and hopefully i won't delete this after a few months because i tend to do that on impulse especially with covers that i do on my own due to my very low self esteem haha. thirdly, this took so many takes and my voice became sore after awhile but i hope i did it justice in somew

Kun Anta - Humood Alkhuder ( Ramadan Mulia Cover)

Lirik: Di pagi hari, tersenyum aq sendiri Mengenang bulan mulia Oh yaa ramadhan Sekian lama, kunantikan saat ini Mencari sinar hidayah Oh yaa ramadhan Wahai syukurku padaNya Diberi peluang berganda Di bulan mulia Oh yaa ramadhan Wahai sujudku padaNya Ibadah sepanjang masa Hanya padaNya Allah yang Esa O.. Allah y maha esa O.. Di bulan Ramadan mulia Lala.. Jaga hatimu, jaga juga tingkah lakumu Suburkan iman dirimu Juga temanmu

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