Awakening the Kundalini


** Awakening the Kundalini ** The sleepy energy of winter is shifting into brighter vibes of spring here in Brooklyn :: what better time to rev up the kundalini with a little psychedelic sound experiment? We included some new beauties as well as some old favorites in this set, to gently bring up the kundalini energy with the right balance of novelty, familiarity & ~ of course ~ psychedelic frequencies. We hope you enjoy the mellow booM! As always – we recorded old school: 1 take, no post-production fixes, just pure live action. Vish on the decks, Rachel improvising on flute. :: TrackList :: 1. Siebzehn: Venus 2. Zen Baboon: Bencalado 3. Bohemian: Buddhism Turbocharged 4. LuneCell: Om 5. Harmonic Frequency: Fractions of Time 6. Kliment: Soundscape Odyssey 7. Scopes: Scrambled Eggs 8. SeaMoon: Sonic Sparkle 9. Radioactive Cake: Immortals Made of Stone 10. Lauge & Baba Gnohm: Hypnose ***** We dedicate this set to welcoming a very special soul who just recently joined our human family – born to 2 of the most awesomest Aussies ever.***** Image credit :: David Edwin Hill :: Kundalini and Yantra ::


Uploaded by: SuKhush
Duration: 65:17
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Favorites: 1992
Genre: Psychill with Live Flute
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