Kun Anta - Humood AlKhuder (Cover)


first and foremost, i truly apologise for any mispronounced words or lyrics in the song as it is not my first language. secondly, i'm back after so long and hopefully i won't delete this after a few months because i tend to do that on impulse especially with covers that i do on my own due to my very low self esteem haha. thirdly, this took so many takes and my voice became sore after awhile but i hope i did it justice in someways. also i dedicate this song to my sister whom has always wanted me to sing this song to her but i never had the confidence too. sis you may not see this but,.. hehehe i did it!! May Allah bless those listening. :>


Uploaded by: rezkiahxx
Duration: 1:06
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Genre: kun anta
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