Song - Rang - De - Basanti - Uma Ramasubramaniam - Balamurali Balu - Manish Kumar Gupta


Hi Friends - With Independence day just around the corner, we would be presenting songs based on nationalism. This week we have the first song of this series. For the first time we have collaborated with Balamurali Balu a researcher at Intel and a passionate music composer, he has composed several jingles and is involved in movie projects as well. A sample from his compositions, one of my favorites - Bala had added his magic in just 30 minutes. You can listen to Balamurali's compositions on soundcloud - balamurali-balu | Free Listening on SoundCloud The thoughtful words of this song are penned by Manish Kumar Gupta (Manish blogs at This song paints a realistic picture of nationalism by telling that since independence we have faced many big hurdles and are still adjusting / struggling, but our spirits continue to be high. Uma Ram has composed the song and set it to raga Vasanti, it is also called Basanti in Hindustani classical music…/song--rang-de-basanti--vasanti… Please visit for more details


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