Kundalini - Cycles Of Time / promo mix / 2014 [Download 320]


Recently recorded mix with some tracks of mine from the upcoming EP @ Ovnimoon Records . Enjoy And Have A Great Year !!! Track list : 1.Outsiders & Laughing Buddha - Intergalactic Conversation (TIP Rec) 2.dj Kundalini - Rainy Days (Ovnimoon Rec unr) 3.Djantrix & Spirit Architect - Cosmic Dust (Maharetta Records) 4.Hypnocoustics - Cycles Of Time(Liquid Rec) 5.Sinerider & Avalon - Timewarp (Outsiders rmx) (Digital Om) 6.Ying Yang Monks - 16th Love (BMSS Records) 7.dj Kundalini - Fractal Flowers (Ovnimoon Rec unr) 8.Earthling , K.I.M & Brainiac - The Roof (Grasshopper Rec) 9.U-Recken - Barbination (Dacru Rec) 10.Electric Universe - The Prayer (Outsiders rmx) (TIP Rec)


Uploaded by: Kundalini
Duration: 61:49
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Genre: Psy Trance
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